About Me

Becca is an editor from Philadelphia. She discovered her love of editing in 2008 as a senior in high school when a friend asked her to look over his college-level psychology papers. She and her red penor "suggestions" toolhave been inseparable ever since!

Since that first paper, Becca has edited books and written blogs on veganism, poetry, using hip hop in psychotherapy, travel and travel insurance, CBD nut butters, immigration, self-help books on changing mindset, and more! Becca also recently edited a series of children's books that promote positive mental wellness from a young age through the use of affirmations.

In addition to her work as a proofreader and an editor, Becca consults on and manages WordPress websites and social media accounts, including providing copy and photographs and collaborating on content and design.

Outside of editing, Becca is working on petting every dog she meets, (slowly) traveling to as many places as she can, and perfecting her chocolate chip cookie and cheesecake recipes.